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Wordless Wednesday: Blue Jay’s Got the Blues

Blue Jay's Got the Blues

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Blue Jay’s Got the Blues”

    1. I used my telephoto lens on a tripod. He was about 8 feet away from me on top of the vertical trellis which is attached to my raised bed. I got several other shots of him as well, but this one was a show stopper.

  1. I luv, luv, this pic, I hope I can use it for my profile pic on facebook, if not please let me know!!! GREAT PIC!!!!!

  2. Blue Jays make me laugh in general. They have such interesting comical faces. nice picture.

    Come by and visit me some time, I like to chat with you more in the future I like your blog.

  3. What a great pic! Can’t wait to show this to my 8yr old son, this is his fave bird and was only asking the other day, what do they look like as babies? Thank for helping this mama out 😉

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