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Macro Monday: Strolling the Garden

Strolling around the garden with my camera. The fence on the west side of the garden is blooming with trumpet vines. I haven’t seen a lot of butterflies this spring and I am not sure why. Could it be the drought? or the large number of wasps patrolling the gardens looking for caterpillars? I’ve seen a few Monarchs and Swallowtails.

Trumpet vine
Swallowtail butterfly
Mexican Flame vine
Unknown beetle on Milkweed
Raindrop on Roses (last week)
We still need more rain here….

9 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Strolling the Garden”

  1. Great shots….I will be happy to send you some of our rainfall…we are getting way too much of the wet stuff…another week of showers.

  2. These are terrific macro shots – wonderful details. The selective focus and timing in the last photo is fantastic.

    Happy Macro Monday

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